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Welcome to the SellerDeck Affiliate Programme

The SellerDeck Affiliate Programme is an opportunity for you to earn commissions from referring customers to a range of SellerDeck ecommerce software solutions and services. The products and services included in the affiliate programme are:

SellerDeck Payments
SellerDeck Hosting
SellerDeck Cover

To sign up to the SellerDeck Affiliate Programme simply click on the link below and register or call us on +44 (0)1932 358350.

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For full details of the SellerDeck Affiliate Programme terms and conditions click here.

Further Information

Once signed up to the affiliate programme you will receive a unique affiliate ID. For each referral, associated with your affiliate ID, which results in a sale you will receive a commission (the "Commission Percentage") from the revenue of each sale (see Commission Percentage matrix below). For referrals that lead to a regular payment from the customer e.g. monthly or annually, the 10% commission will apply to every regular payment.

All affiliates will start as Standard affiliates. On referring 25 customers you will be entitled to upgrade to a 'Premium' affiliate.

Commission Percentage Matrix
Affiliate Type

Commission payments will be made once a month, at the end of each month, subject to the "Minimum Payment" threshold of £50 being reached. If the minimum payment threshold has not been reached the amount of commission on your account will be carried forward into the following month.

Each transaction will be subject to "Time Delay" of 10 days before commission is accrued to your account.